Airbnb meets with Secretary of State for Tourism

Working with administrations has always been one of Airbnb’s priorities. Today, we celebrate that the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver, has met with Airbnb representatives in Madrid.

We expressed our willingness to be part of the working group on tourist accommodation prepared by the Ministry and to contribute with the vision and experience of the tens of thousands of hosts who trust the Airbnb platform. Airbnb has worked with more than 500 governments around the world and Spain is one of the world’s largest tourist destinations, which makes this collaboration even more necessary.

Airbnb has informed the Secretary of State that the objectives are shared: to attract quality tourism, to ensure that the benefits of this activity reach the citizens and that the impact on people and the territory is positive.

Our goals are shared: attracting quality tourism that benefits all citizens and territories

Since Airbnb was founded 10 years ago, more than 20 million people have stayed in Spain with a local host. In Spain, 80% of Airbnb hosts have only one listing on the platform and more than half of them share their primary residence. The Airbnb community is mainly made up of regular citizens, who make it easier for guests to have a unique experience and be part of the local reality:

  • 44% of the daily spend of travellers is made in the neighbourhood where they are staying.
  • 81% said that their motivation for using Airbnb was to experience the destination as a local.
  • 67% said that this is a more sustainable and environment-friendly option.

Fair rules for home sharing

At Airbnb we believe and have conveyed to the Secretary of State, that home sharers needs clear, proportional and different rules than that of professionals operators. Sharing a space in one’s own home, the entire home when the owner is temporarily away, or temporarily sharing a holiday home, each offer a different, more authentic way to travel. This also allows families to earn additional income, helping to distribute the benefits of tourism.

Following the collaborations and agreements that Airbnb has reached with the Barcelona City Hall (to fight bad actors) and the Andalusian Regional Government (in the new regulation of tourist accomodation), we hope this meeting is the beginning of a constructive collaboration that will benefit the Spanish citizens.

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