Airbnb Oscailte “The Irish Airbnb Open”

Airbnb hosts in Ireland are part of a global community that is making its mark locally–a movement that is supporting Irish families and their communities. By opening up their homes and welcoming people from around the world, they are helping to grow an economy of sharing which is generating new business for Ireland.

Tomorrow, hundreds of these hosts will gather at our brand new Dublin office for Airbnb Oscailte (the “Irish Airbnb Open”). We have planned an exciting and engaging programme that will inspire, support and celebrate our amazing Irish hosts.

Oscailte will feature our first ever Airbnb Irish Host Awards where we will celebrate the best in our community. Our hosts will also have the chance to share feedback with Airbnb leaders and hear from several guest speakers. Of course, a community gathering would not be complete without the incredible skills of our Airbnb Food Team.

We’re really excited about this event and are looking forward to making some exciting new announcements which will be shared here on the blog next week!