Airbnb participates in night time economy panel discussion

On Friday 1 June, Natasha Mytton-Mills, Head of Policy for the UK and Ireland participated in a panel discussion at the ‘Culture of Lates’ conference held at the National Gallery in London. The event was hosted by Culture24, an independent charity that brings arts and heritage organisations together and focused on how key members in the tourism industry can encourage locals and tourists alike to take advantage of late night offerings around the country.

Mytton-Mills spoke to the crowd and referenced specific ways Airbnb is helping foster and cultivate interesting and healthy travel offers, noting the 
Community Tourism Programme and how museums can partner with businesses like Airbnb to tap into new audiences, create lasting relationships and foster collaborative projects. She also referenced Airbnb’s recent partnership with community-driven music platform Little Concert to help revive London’s underground music scene as part of the Mayor of London’s Sounds Like London campaign.

During the panel, members discussed how museums and other late night cultural participants could enhance their offers. Reflecting on Airbnb’s focus on expertise from a host standpoint, Mytton-Mills stressed that others focus on authenticity. She added, “Really local experiences is what both visitors and locals want to come to an area and enjoy. In the case of hosts on Airbnb, we know they are very proud of where they’re from and want to celebrate those spaces and events that are happening right in their neighbourhoods. They’re proud of building on their local insights and enhancing their role as local experts to offer people visiting their area insight into those hidden gems. They’re communicating what’s great about their town or borough and those things are really critical.”

“Museum Lates are still in their relative infancy with so much potential to grow, contribute to the night-time economy and attract many more cultural tourists. The Airbnb model is a great example to museums and galleries, demonstrating how sharing space can attract new visitors, generate income, and open up new cultural partnerships. I’m looking forward to exploring future opportunities with Natasha and the other guests on the panel at the Culture of Lates conference at the National Gallery.” – Nick Stockman, Campaigns Manager, Culture24

Earlier this year, Airbnb commissioned a report by Culture24 with the aim of looking at the impact of museum lates (or after-hours events at museums and galleries) on cultural tourism offers and the night-time economy.

Other panellists included:
Kim Streets, CEO Museums Sheffield
Ojay McDonald, Chair Association of Town and City Managers
Alan Miller, Chair Night Time Industries Association
Neil Mendoza, Provost Elect, Oriel College, Oxford

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