Airbnb partners with Chinese universities to boost tourism

We’re thrilled to announce that Airbnb has signed partnerships with three of China’s distinguished universities — Beijing International Studies University (BISU), Beijing Union University (BUU) and Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) — endeavoring on expanded research on the development of tourism in China.

Through the respective partnerships, Airbnb will work with the universities to inspire entrepreneurship and innovation among youths by providing students with study and networking opportunities both at home and abroad.

Airbnb will also invite well-known scholars to speak at events that feature the latest development in tourism and the sharing economy.

“Universities are energetic places that spark inspiration and innovation. The concept of sharing advocated by Airbnb is particularly popular among the younger generation, enhancing mutual exchange that allows people to experience new countries and cultures,” said Ms. An Li, Vice President of Airbnb China. “As an industry representative of home sharing, Airbnb will join hands with the three universities to help develop the tourism industry and encourage more young people to take part in entrepreneurship and innovation activities related to the sharing economy.”

The Beijing Hospitality Institute of BISU, the Tourism College of BUU, and the College of Business Administration of CUEB are all recognised as the “Whampoa Military Academy” in the area of tourism management, and have fostered a large number of industry leaders.

Ms. Gu Huimin, President of the Beijing Hospitality Institute of BISU, said, “The sharing economy will be a new driver of China’s economic and social development moving forward. We anticipate rapid growth of the sharing economy in more and more industries and this has drawn the attention of the academic circle. We are keen to work with Airbnb to discuss the impact  of the sharing economy on the tourism industry, as we aim to provide greater opportunities for students in terms of knowledge accumulation, networking and future employment.”

Airbnb also unveiled the Airbnb Campus Ambassador Program and the opening of 2018 Airbnb Poverty Alleviation Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition for College Students at the ceremony.

These partnerships are part of the initiatives to provide a platform for students to share experiences and promote the growth of local entrepreneurship.

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