Airbnb partners with the City of Dortmund to collect occupancy tax

From the 1st of January 2018, we will begin to automate the collection of occupancy taxes for hosts living in Dortmund via the Airbnb platform. Dortmund is the first city in Germany to partner with us and introduce an automated process to collect this tax. This digital solution will speed up the collection and remittance of tourist tax for local authorities and make it easier for hosts across the region to pay their taxes.

Alexander Schwarz, General Manager Airbnb Germany, Austria and Switzerland, says:

“We are very excited to be working together with the City of Dortmund. By collecting occupancy taxes in Dortmund in an automated process via our platform, we will make collecting and remitting occupancy taxes quicker and simpler for the local authorities and the hosts. Home sharing allows people in Dortmund to make some extra income with sharing their home once in a while and at the same time shows the openness and hospitality of the city of Dortmund”.

Across the world, Airbnb has worked to collect and remit tourist and occupancy taxes with more than 310 jurisdictions, generating more than €250 million in tax revenue since the launch of the program. We are excited to expand this initiative to Germany, and we are currently talking to more cities, who we hope to partner with in future.

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