Airbnb partners with the tax advisors association to help hosts with their income tax

To help hosts with their doubts about income tax, Airbnb has partnered with the Spanish Tax Advisors Association, AEDAF. The AEDAF experts will offer guidance on how to file the earnings as a host on the income tax:

1) Hosts can access the website “Responsible Hosts“, with specific resources, videos and guides on tax obligations

2) AEDAF experts can also give personalised advice to hosts on Airbnb

3) AEDAF has also offered an online workshop to solve the most frequent questions hosts have about filing the income tax

Tax laws are not easy; we know that. That’s why we’ve partnered with Airbnb to help home sharing hosts with their tax obligations“, said Jordi Baqués, AEDAF delegate in Catalonia.

Sergio Vinay, head of public policy at Airbnb Marketing Services, S.L. in Spain, has explained that “hosting responsibly is not just about welcoming your guests and respecting your neighbours. Sharing your home also means complying with the tax obligations and the AEDAF experts will be really helpful to the hosts in Spain“.

Learn how to host responsibly

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