Airbnb remits €3.8 million in tourist taxes to city of Lisbon

Airbnb has announced that it collected and remitted over €3.8 million in tourist tax to the City of Lisbon last year. It is the second year that Airbnb has remitted tourist tax from guests on behalf of hosts to the city and takes the total amount of tourist tax remitted to almost €6 million.

Collecting and remitting tourist tax forms part of an agreement between Airbnb and the City of Lisbon to promote responsible home sharing and simplify tourist tax for everyone.

The news comes as Airbnb shares new data on the home sharing community across Portugal. Highlights include:

  • In 2017, hosts across the country welcomed over 2.6 million guest arrivals, with hosts earning a total of almost €250 million
  • The typical listing was shared for less than four nights a month with the typical host earning around €4,000 a year
  • The vast majority of guests to Portugal came from across Europe with almost 320,000 guests visiting from North America.

“Everytime a guest visits Portugal using Airbnb, local families and their communities benefit,” said Arnaldo Muñoz, General Manager for Airbnb. “Last year saw a record number of Airbnb guests visiting Portugal and we’re delighted to help spread the benefits of tourism to local families and their communities.

“We’re also pleased to be working with Lisbon to help make tax simple for everyone and to ensure Lisbon receives this important financial resource. We will continue working with cities across the world on tax and are proud to lead our industry on this important matter.”

Airbnb has so far collected and remitted more than $510 million in taxes on behalf of hosts in more than 340 jurisdictions around the world.

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