Airbnb remits over €13.5M of tourist tax to 50 French cities, extends to 15,000 cities

Airbnb will remit more than €13.5M in tourist tax to 50 French cities for the year 2017 by the end of the month, nearly twice the amount collected in 2016 (€7.3M). Following this milestone, Airbnb is committing to extend automated tax collection to more than 15,000 cities, becoming the first and only platform to support local tax authorities on such a scale. These additional resources will be invested by French cities in tourism projects to boost local communities.

In 2017, the top three cities that benefited from automated tourist tax collection were Paris (€6.9M), Nice (€860,000), and Marseille (€790,000). The amount of tourist tax collected in cities between 2016 and 2017 has grown fastest in Nice (+332%), Nantes (+264%), and Cannes (+202%).

Automated tax collection is 100% effective and helps make tax simple for cities and hosts, which is why Airbnb has started to automatically collect and remit tourist tax to French cities in 2015.

Emmanuel Marill, General Manager for Airbnb in France, said:

“We want to help make tax simple for hosts and cities across France. Travel on Airbnb is helping boost the French economy through tourism, and new tax revenues are helping cities run projects to make communities stronger. We are pleased to be working together with more cities and to support more hosts, who can rest assured they are contributing financially to their cities without the burden of complex tax processes.”

As of today, Airbnb has collected and remitted more than $510 million in taxes in 340 communities throughout the world. 

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