Airbnb shares its best practices with hosts from Manzanillo, Colima

  • This best practice sharing event is part of the agreements signed with the State of Colima in Mexico.
  • Hosts who have had valuable and successful stories shared their knowledge and insight.
  • Some of the people accompanying a host left the event motivated to experience this new hosting initiative and earn an additional income.

Last week a group of representatives from Airbnb gathered in Manzanillo mobilizing over 25 hosts, small business owners and members of the Secretariat of Tourism for Colima. The intention of the event was to, first and foremost, share the recently signed agreement between Airbnb and the State of Colima, a fact which left all attendees very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead regarding growth for the tourism sector in the State of Colima. The agreement establishes an understanding of mutual cooperation which includes growing the local host community; discussion about Airbnb’s economic impact at the local level; and promotes tourism among the millions of users from around the world that use the platform.

One other big objective for this gathering was a three way effort between Airbnb staff, the Secretariat of Tourism and hosts to share best practices. The later shared stories and provided insight on how to give all tourists – not just those traveling for the holidays – a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Other topics discussed during the meeting included the history of Airbnb, its expansion around the world and in Mexico, as well as hands-on ways to develop this new manner of hosting. Attendees were thankful to meet the Airbnb team and others met neighbors for the first time, creating a newly-found support network.  Some of the people who attended as guests of hosts expressed interest in hosting themselves.  They seek to generate additional income and be an ambassador for their city and country with tourists from around the world that are looking for unique ways to travel.

In the last year, 3,000 travelers from around the world have stayed with more than 300 Airbnb hosts in Colima.  This new type of tourism generates modest but important earnings in local communities, allowing hosts from any part of Mexico to be in direct contact with those visiting from abroad.  The average Airbnb host in Colima earns $1,900 Mexican pesos per month.

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