Airbnb Sponsors Mamie Johnson, D.C.’s 2018 Little League Champions

Members of Airbnb’s Washington, D.C. office recently attended a meet and greet with the players, coaches and families of the Mamie Johnson Little League –the first majority African-American team to win the D.C. Little League Championship.

To honor and reward the team for its historic win, Airbnb donated travel vouchers for the players’ families to use during their stay in Bristol, Connecticut for the Little League Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament. The Airbnb travel vouchers were used to secure housing for 14 families of the team’s players and staff.

Airbnb staff met the Mamie Johnson players, provided Airbnb tee shirts to the families and coaches, and watched the team’s final practice game in the District prior to their departure to Connecticut.

“The families, coaches and players are eternally grateful to Airbnb for its donation. There’s been so much excitement, last-minute planning and fundraising for our trip to the regional tournament, so this contribution and housing assistance came just at the right time for these families and the players.”

Mamie Johnson Little League President, Keith Barnes

Janaye Ingram, Airbnb’s Director of National Partnerships, gave remarks congratulating the team, their families, wishing them good luck in Bristol and during their Airbnb stays, and answered questions about Airbnb’s community outreach.

The achievements of the Mamie Johnson Little League team are a true inspiration to Airbnb and we’re proud to support the players and their families as they advance through the tournament, and their place in D.C. and Little League history.”

Janaye Ingram, Airbnb Director of National Partnerships

To learn more about donating to the Mamie Johnson Little League, see their donations page.

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