Airbnb supports healthy travel in Tasmania

New data highlights how Airbnb is supporting healthy travel and fighting mass tourism in Tasmania.

With traditional mass tourism travel highly concentrated in certain areas, the benefits go to the big end of town and the environment suffers. In stark contrast, Airbnb supports healthy travel. Travel that is local, unique, authentic and sustainable.

New data shows more than two-thirds of all active Airbnb listings in Tasmania are located outside Hobart and Launceston. Close to 60 per cent of all guests arrivals – approximately 208,000 guests – are outside Hobart and Launceston.

Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy Australia and New Zealand Brent Thomas said the data reinforced how Airbnb’s healthy travel is benefiting local families, businesses and communities across Tasmania.

“With Airbnb, the benefits of tourism are shared with the people and places that have traditionally missed out.Our community’s beating heart is regional Tasmania. The biggest winners from home sharing are working and middle class families, small businesses and local communities in Tasmania’s regions. Every extra visitor staying at an Airbnb in a regional community is one more person eating in the local cafes, shopping in the local store or having a beer at the local pub.”

Earlier this year Airbnb launched the global Office of Healthy Tourism an initiative to drive healthy and sustainable tourism in countries and cities across the globe.

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