Airbnb Supports UN Vision for Sustainable Urban Development

This week, the United Nations gathers in Quito, Ecuador for the Habitat III cities conference. The aim of the conference is to adopt the New Urban Agenda which will guide efforts towards sustainable urbanization for the next two decades.

According to the UN, this century will see a substantial majority of the world’s population living in city centers. The New Urban Agenda will set new global standards for sustainable urban development and rethink the way we build, manage and live in cities.

Airbnb is growing because our platform reflects the way people live, work and travel in the 21st century. It empowers regular people earn money from their homes, spreads guests and benefits to families and communities, and helps grow and diversify tourism sustainably.

Home sharing also helps cities host big events, build urban resilience, manage disasters,  and we are proud to be working with nonprofit organizations supporting the global refugee crisis.

Today, we have written to the UN to show our support for the work they are undertaking as part of the New Urban Agenda and their vision for cities. You can read the letter here.

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