Airbnb supports young travelers in Europe with the Schwarzkopf Travel Grant

As part of the Schwarzkopf travel grant, Airbnb supported twenty young travelers in 2017 to enabling them to travel around Europe and explore local cultures. 

The Schwarzkopf travel grants are designed to give young people the opportunity to travel to other European countries. They aim to promote a deeper understanding of cultural or political aspects of European integration in particular countries across the continent.


Grant winner Marine from France said:

“Being able to travel with this scholarship was a great opportunity for me. The best learning is, without any doubt, the memories of the people I have met. One of my favorite memories of my travels was from my time in Cyprus when I was able to meet local Cypriots, who were extremely generous and humble, ready to share and welcome me inside their own community. It was a strong example of true hospitality and sharing.”

Lucie from the Czech Republic:

“Out of all the places I visited, I enjoyed Copenhagen the most. This was mainly influenced by the local people I met, who were a huge part of my experience and without them, the whole trip would have been completely different. One of the goals of my trip was to volunteer in each place I visited to give something back to the community. By volunteering, I was able to interact with locals and people with similar interests to my own.”

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