Tax agreements with 275 governments

Over the last three years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of governments around the globe to make it easier for our hosts and guests to pay their fair share of hotel and tourist taxes. With millions of Americans preparing to file their taxes before the April 18 deadline, we wanted to provide an update on our efforts here in the US and around the world to help our community pay our share.

By May 1, 2017, we will have entered into agreements with over 275 jurisdictions and collected and remitted more than $240 million in hotel and tourist taxes throughout the world.

Home sharing democratizes revenue by providing an increasingly valuable source of new funds for governments. By collecting and remitting hotel and similar taxes, Airbnb ensures a streamlined process for our host community and lightens the administrative burden for state and local governments.

Last year, we released the Airbnb Policy Tool Chest – a resource informed by hundreds of successful discussions with local policymakers – and visited the US Conference of Mayors annual meeting, where we invited communities to work with us to collect more tax revenue from the Airbnb community. As Airbnb’s Head of Global Policy and Communications Chris Lehane said at that meeting:

“Read my lips: we want to pay taxes”

Since then, we have continued to expand our efforts to collect and remit hotel, occupancy, and tourist taxes on behalf of our hosts and guests. In the US alone, Airbnb collects and remits taxes in over 250 jurisdictions. In fact, by May 1, 2017, more than half of our listings in the U.S. will be in communities where we collect and remit taxes, and we are actively working to expand this program.

In early April, we reached three major agreements in the state of Florida. Sarasota County, Miami-Dade County, and Broward County all approved measures allowing Airbnb to collect and remit tourist taxes which will bring millions of dollars in new revenue to the Sunshine State.  In France, we recently announced that we will begin collecting and remitting tourist taxes on behalf of our hosts in 31 additional cities, covering popular destinations across the French regions and ski resorts, reaching a total of 50 French cities by spring of 2017. You can view the entire list of jurisdictions where Airbnb is collecting and remitting hotel taxes here.

These agreements are a win-win for governments and for Airbnb’s host community. In fact, Boulder’s City Manager Jane Brautigam described our agreement as “…a great example of the public-private sector working together in support of community goals.” Working to support these shared goals, communities such as Chicago and Los Angeles direct a portion of this new revenue to support affordable housing and homelessness programs. In Portland, 100 percent of lodging taxes from short-term rentals are deposited into the City’s affordable housing fund.

We look forward to working with city officials to establish programs for collecting and remitting tourist taxes, helping them realize the economic benefits of home sharing, and strengthening the cities and communities that Airbnb hosts call home.

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