Airbnb to Collect Tourist Taxes in #1 City: Paris

Airbnb has been working with cities around the world on clear, fair rules that make it easier for hosts and guests to pay tourist taxes. Beginning October 1, 2015, Airbnb will begin collecting and remitting tourist taxes from guests on behalf of hosts in Paris, the number one city in the world for home sharing. The process will be fully automated and more streamlined for everyone involved, and will gradually be extended to other cities across France. It comes after the French Government published a decree that allows internet platforms like Airbnb to take on this administrative burden and collect taxes on behalf of our hosts.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work together with authorities in France to implement this measure and are proud to launch it in our number one city. This isn’t the first time we’ve worked closely with French officials. France has enacted smart policies from home sharing, including Bill ALUR, which provided a clear legal framework for home sharing in France.

Airbnb first began collecting and remitting hotel and tourist taxes from guests on behalf of hosts in San Francisco and Portland. Since then we have worked together with forward thinking authorities on similar initiatives in Amsterdam, Philadelphia, Chicago, Malibu, San Jose, San Diego and Washington D.C. We are proud to lead our industry on this matter and ensure governments receive this resource.

We continue to engage with policy makers around the world on tax issues and applaud the leaders worldwide who want to make tax rules simple, clear and fair. This is a complicated venture as tax rules vary in nearly every jurisdiction where we do business, but we are committed to extending this programme and look forward to working with more cities on this matter.

For more information on today’s announcement, check out our press release.