Airbnb to help Beijing’s Yanqing district promote home sharing and traditional tourism

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Airbnb and the Yanqing District Tourism Development Committee to boost tourism in Yanqing.

The partnership was formally established at the opening of the Yanqing Ice Festival in Beijing where Airbnb’s China Vice President Ms. An Li and Yanqing Tourism Committee Director Jiang Yanquan signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The partnership will focus on integrating shared housing with development of Yanqing’s traditional tourism industry, and we will work closely with the Yanqing Tourism committee to promote Yanqing cultural tourism, improve guest house standards and supervision mechanisms, and launch tourism poverty alleviation projects.

Airbnb will leverage its rich experience and extensive resources to help Yanqing transform its tourism industry, and introduce Yanqing to an international audience of travellers.

“Yanqing is a famous suburb and tourist center of Beijing with a thriving traditional tourism industry. By joining hands with Yanqing Tourism Committee, we can further develop Yanqing tourism by promoting shared housing and integrating it with traditional tourism. This will bring fresh energy to the area and help promote Yanqing tourism even further,” said Airbnb China Vice President Ms. An Li.

Director of the Yanqing Tourism Development Committee Jiang Yanquan looks forward to the partnership with Airbnb, noting that “as a global leader in home sharing, Airbnb’s innovative model has broken down restrictions of time and place for traditional tourism services”.

He shared, “The model relies on the entrepreneurship and creativity of the local people and enables tourism development through the whole region. I hope this partnership will enable us to jointly develop the sharing economy, transform and improve the tourism industry, and encourage Yanqing people to participate in this development. We want to raise awareness about Yanqing as a tourist destination and inspire more people to visit the city.”

Located in the northwest of Beijing, Yanqing has a thriving traditional tourism industry and welcomes more than 10 million tourists from China and abroad every year.

As one of the three major competition zones for the Beijing Olympics in 2022, Airbnb looks forward to sharing with Yanqing how we have worked to help cities scale up accommodations for major events around the world, including the Olympics and most recently the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics where we signed on as an official supporter.

Today’s announcement follows partnerships we have put in place with other local governments in China, including Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. We also launched the Airbnb Guilin Rural Community Tourism program last year. Focused on promoting rural tourism n Jinjian Village in Guilin’s Longsheng County, the program will see Airbnb and the Guilin government working closely together to identify and promote new economic opportunities for locals through home sharing.

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