Airbnb Welcomes Discussion on Home Sharing Rules in Ireland

Airbnb hosts in Ireland have been welcoming guests into their homes since 2009. Since then, hundreds of thousands of guests from around the world have stayed in Irish homes and enjoyed authentic Irish hospitality – many in communities they might otherwise have missed.

Today, home sharing is a financial lifeline for thousands of Irish families. We released data last year that shows the typical Airbnb host earns €2,600 a year by sharing their space for 40 nights a year, and almost 60 percent of hosts say the additional income helps them stay in their homes.

Just as rules changed when we went from the horse and cart to the car, regulations that have been in place for decades sometimes need updating and clarifying to acknowledge new innovations and the opportunities they provide.

Earlier today, the Irish housing minister said he wants to provide clarity on home sharing rules in Ireland. He said that many Irish households use Airbnb to rent space in their home or the entire place when they are away, but rules need to recognise the boundary between professional and non-professional renting.

We always welcome the opportunity to work with policymakers on clear home sharing rules that make communities stronger. We know hosts want to follow the rules and we want to help. Already we have worked with policymakers in Europe and around the world on clear home sharing rules – including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Milan and Lisbon – and we look forward to doing the same in Ireland.

Last year, we released the Community Compact, our pledge to be good partners to policymakers and work with them on policies that promote responsible home sharing, and we’re proud to be working with policymakers across the world to make good on these promises.

Over the past seven years, Ireland residents have formed a vibrant Airbnb community, sharing unique experiences with travellers from around the world. We look forward to working with policymakers on measures to support them and their communities, and to help more guests experience this great country like a local.

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