Airbnb welcomes London’s new Chief Digital Officer to share future plans

On Tuesday afternoon, in conjunction with London First, Airbnb played host to London’s newly appointed Chief Digital Officer, Theo Blackwell and more than thirty guests from across the London tech sector.

The event was opened with brief remarks from James McClure, Airbnb’s General Manager for Northern Europe, who welcomed the group to the Airbnb offices, touching on the way the platform has leveraged digital mediums to reach people and improve business avenues for Londoners.

Theo Blackwell then delivered a presentation elaborating on how he planned to make London the world’s smartest city and a top global tech hub. His three-pronged approach prioritises leadership and collaboration across business and local government. His final point was that London needs strong innovation to develop partnerships between the public and across sectors for the development of inclusive tech which focuses on skills, talent and diversity.

Blackwell said, “We should be ambitious for tech in London. We should aim for a ‘Davos for tech’. And make use of the varied experience, physical spaces and capabilities of our Boroughs to have more pilots and more collaboration.”

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