Airbnb welcomes new home sharing law

On May 1, 2018, the revised home sharing rules come into force. The city of Berlin now recognizes home sharing and wants to make it easier for Berliners to rent out their  homes to travelers when they are away. According to the new housing law, in the future home sharers will generally receive a permit to rent out their entire home for a short period. The new law does not provide for a day limit for the primary home. A secondary home can be rented for a total of 90 days a year. Renting a room in one’s primary apartment still won’t require a permit, provided that the area is less than 50% of the total area.

Alexander Schwarz, Managing Director of Airbnb Germany: “Airbnb welcomes Berlin’s new rules, which clarify that home sharers can rent out their homes to travelers and distinguish them from professional operators. We informed hosts about the new rules and want to continue our dialogue with the State of Berlin. We have already offered to share our experience on how to work together to design a digital approval process that is citizen-friendly and unbureaucratic”.

A simple and fast approval process is essential if the new rules are to have the desired positive effect. Under the previous law prohibiting misuse, home sharers only received permits to rent out their entire home in exceptional cases. This despite the Berlin administrative court confirming in several legally binding decisions that Berliners may rent out their self-occupied apartment for 182 days a year or more as home sharing does not deprive them of living space.

Airbnb works with cities and communities worldwide onfair and up-to-date home sharing rules and reduce the administrative burden on both administration and hosts. Airbnb has already reached agreements with over 370 cities and regions for the automated collection and payment of the respective tourism taxes via the platform. Airbnb has also reached a similar agreement with the City of Dortmund in 2017 and is in discussion with other cities to do the same.

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