Airbnb wraps up Oscailte Roadshow to celebrate host community across Ireland

Last week, Airbnb completed its four-week tour of Ireland to celebrate hosts across the country through the Oscailte Roadshow. Previously, the annual celebration of hosts was held once a year with an event based in Dublin but in an effort to include more hosts, the celebration was taken across the country.

The change in format enabled over 300 hosts to participate. In Killarney, more than 80 hosts gathered at the unique old Schoolhouse in the scenic grounds of Muckross National Park while in Cork, roughly 70 hosts assembled at St Peter’s in Cork City. 50 hosts turned up to the historical venue of the Mick Lally Theatre in Galway and 100 hosts came to the Warehouse office in Dublin to wrap up festivities.

Throughout the Oscailte Roadshow, Aisling Hassell, Global Head of Customer Experience and Ireland Site Lead, travelled and spoke directly to hosts to provide business updates from Airbnb on both a local and global level, giving hosts clear insight into the business. Members of the Public Policy and Community teams at Airbnb also attended each event to deliver presentations and answer questions to ensure hosts understand how we are contributing to fair home-sharing regulations in Ireland.

Additionally, staff from the Customer Experience team were on hand to answer many questions from the attendees about the product and other enquiries they may have had, while staff from the Experiences team also attended the regional events to inform hosts about the debut of Experiences across the country and how they can get involved.

The month-long event was a success. Not only did hosts across each region get an opportunity to meet with one another, forging stronger connections within the Ireland-wide host community, but it also gave Airbnb a chance to interact directly with hosts, learning more about them and responding directly to their needs in the process.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more content from the events including additional photography and videos!

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