Airbnb’s Economic and Environmental Impact in DC

Airbnb hosts in the District of Columbia earned over $53 million sharing their home with travelers from around the world during the 12 month-period ending October 1, 2016.

“Airbnb is proud to be a growing economic force in the District – helping thousands of middle class families earn supplemental income and making it possible for visitors from around the globe to see our city authentically,” said Jillian Irvin, Public Policy Director for Airbnb in Washington, DC.

Over the last year, the average Airbnb guest spent an average of 4.4 nights and $136 per day during their stay in Washington, D.C. – with 36 percent of their tourism dollars staying in the neighborhood of the host. Surveyed travelers also revealed the following about their accommodations:

  • Seventy-nine percent (79%) chose Airbnb so they can “live like a local.”
  • Thirty-seven percent (37%) would not have come or not have stayed as long without Airbnb.
  • Eighty percent (80%) chose Airbnb because of the amenities.
  • Seventy-six percent (76%) say Airbnb makes them more likely to return to the District of Columbia.

In addition to an overview of Airbnb’s economic and tourism boost, the report also profiles the local host community and notes the positive environmental impacts home sharing brings to the District – including reducing waste by up to 535 tons; saving water equivalent to the size six Olympic sized pools; and an overall energy savings equivalent of 930 homes.

Learn more: The Airbnb Washington DC Economic Impact Report

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