Amsterdam Netherlands


Around the world, travellers choose Airbnb to enjoy unique experiences in local homes beyond tourist hotspots. Travellers to Amsterdam are increasingly choosing to stay in the homes of hosts outside the city centre, helping them to discover new communities they might otherwise have missed. The spread of tourism to these outer neighbourhoods is also helping to extend the economic benefits of cultural tourism to hosts, local businesses and their communities.

€4,300 Annual earnings for a typical host

31 Typical nights hosted per listing

70% Of guests staying in surrounding neighbourhoods

Next steps in Amsterdam

Across the world Airbnb wants to be good partners to cities and work together with governments to help hosts share their homes, follow the rules and pay their fair share of tax. We want to continue working with Amsterdam and together work towards building a sustainable tourism model that makes Amsterdam stronger.

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Help your guests truly live like a local in Amsterdam

Download  our guide of best practices to travel respectfully in the city.

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Meet the hosts of Amsterdam

Hosts on Airbnb kicked-off a new campaign in which they explain why they share their home in Amsterdam. The campaign will feature local hosts telling their stories in their own words on how home sharing on Airbnb is a sustainable form of tourism that supports local families and communities.

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