Last weekend, journalists speculated that city officials in Amsterdam were on the verge of banning Airbnb.

The City of Amsterdam was quick to post a clarification on its official Facebook page, noting that the journalist had not checked with any government sources before publishing the article.

According to city spokesperson Jan-Jaap Eikelboom, the conclusion that a ban was in the works was unfounded. “We obviously don’t want to ban Airbnb, which is a good initiative.” From his personal Twitter account, Eikelboom noted, “Nobody takes time to double-check sources.”

As I’ve written before in this space, Airbnb is committed to working collaboratively with governments at all levels to ensure that our members bring a range of benefits to the communities they inhabit. Even when sensationalism threatens to overpower the discourse, we stand by our strategy: thoughtful, rational progress that focuses on harnessing the benefits of innovation while maintaining a responsible, positive community.