An important update about Airbnb in San Francisco

Today, we emailed our San Francisco Airbnb host community with the following message regarding our recent settlement with the City:


“Over the last three years, we’ve worked closely with lawmakers and community groups in San Francisco to develop clear and fair home sharing rules. While the City has been a good partner, at times we have disagreed and we’ve tried to identify viable alternatives. Last summer, the City passed an ordinance we believed to be flawed and we asked a federal court to intervene.

“Since filing that lawsuit, we’ve worked through a mediation process with the City of San Francisco to find a path forward that ensures the City’s short-term rental rules are enforceable, home sharing is protected, and the registration process is streamlined for our host community.

“Today we settled the lawsuit with the City. A key component of the agreement is the creation of a streamlined, online registration system through the Airbnb platform.

“Once implemented, this system will ensure every host in San Francisco is registered and compliant with the City’s rules.

“We expect the creation and rollout of the system will take approximately 8 months in total and will be rolled out in phases during that time period.

“While we continue to work through the details of the registration process in the coming weeks, we will ensure you have the latest information. Please know that none of your private information will be shared with the City without your consent, however every host on our platform in San Francisco will have to register by the end of the implementation period in order to continue hosting.

“In the meantime, if you have questions please review these frequently asked questions or contact us.

“Thank you,
The Airbnb Team”

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