An overview of the Airbnb community in Leipzig

We regularly publish overviews of the Airbnb community in various cities around the world and make them available to policymakers, public authorities and tourism organisations. We are committed to responsible, diversified tourism, which doesn’t just benefit a small group of people, but citizens throughout the city and the local economy.

On Airbnb, mainly individuals — home sharers — who travel regularly for business or privately, temporarily offer their homes for travelers. When travelers stay with home sharers while they are visiting a city, the living space is used more efficiently. In addition, traditional hospitality providers such as bed & breakfasts, boutique hotels and serviced apartments also use the Airbnb platform to offer year-round accommodation.

Here is an overview of the Airbnb community in Leipzig as of Dec 31, 2017:


In 2017, hosts on Airbnb in Leipzig have welcomed more than 66,000to their city.


On average, guests who booked accommodation via the Airbnb platform have stayed 3 nightsand have traveled in groups with the average size of 2.2 people.


In 2017 around82,300 travelers from Leipzighave used Airbnb.


In 2017, there were2.900 active* listingson the Airbnb platform in Leipzig, including individual rooms in a home as well as entire apartments or houses.


If you are interested in reading the full report, reach out to us via [email protected].


*Active listings are all listing that appear on the Airbnb website during a search. Active listings are not necessarily available at a certain time or in general. The hosts may use it themselves during the time and have not updated the calendar.


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