Austin Hosts Speak Out For Home Sharing

Right now, the City Council in Austin is debating new regulations on short term rentals that could make it substantially harder and more complicated to host in the city. In order to help the City Council understand how great home sharing is for Austin, our community of Airbnb supporters wrote personal letters to their elected leaders, and the comments were fantastic (as always).

Already, over 250 hosts and residents of Austin have shared their stories with City Council members in Austin to let them know why they support home sharing. Below are a few amazing examples that help put a voice to how home sharing brings big benefits to everyday Austinites.

“I love the opportunity Airbnb offers not only myself as a home owner, but also my guests that stay in my house. I am able to offer them a glance into our growing community, incredible green space, and best managed city in America. At the same time they are helping me out with my rising taxes, and cost of living. I hope this service is allowed to continue so I can continue to live in this city.” – Cullen

“Home Sharing has been a blessing to me and my family. I am a single parent and the small added income helps me and my two small daughters. Also I love the fact that people can visit Austin and live like they are resident themselves. These are people who want to experience the East Side where I live and visit all the cool hip stores in my neighborhood. Over 90% of my bookings are two or fewer people and I live on a quiet street and has had zero complaints. In short they have treated my home like their own. Please don’t make it more difficult or you’ll put a bigger hardship on single parents who are trying to provide for their children.” – Kade

“Every time my guests come, I make sure to steer them to local Austin businesses and landmarks. I also let them know about Austin’s events (such as ACL, SXSW, etc). All of this helps bring much-needed revenue to Austin. As far as I’m concerned, home sharing is a win-win situation. Please support home sharing!” – Michele

“I’m a long time resident of Austin (1980) and long time homeowner (since 1990) in Travis Heights. As you know, mine is a neighborhood with many short term rental units. It’s never been a problem for me because the people who rent the homes around me are always good neighbors while they are here.” – Margaret

These letters have, without question, affected what’s happening in Austin and we can’t tell you how important all the letters and support have been. With the next hearing scheduled for Tuesday February 23rd, your letters can only help spread the message that home sharing is a win-win for the city, so keep writing in and let the City Council know that you are all for home sharing in Austin.

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