Australian Labor Party Embraces the Sharing Economy

Today we’re excited to share news from Australia, where the Labor Party has announced its support for the sharing economy and a plan to spread its benefits to everyone in Australia. They say the sharing economy has huge economic and social potential and are encouraging Australia to embrace it, and put the right rules in place to regulate it.

After six months of listening and talking to Australians about their ideas and priorities for the sharing economy, Labor has developed a plan for the future based on six key principles – the first being that primary property is yours to share. They will now work with state and territory governments across Australia to deliver reforms and turn these principles into concrete rules and regulations.

Speaking today, leader of the Australian Labor Party, Bill Shorten said:

“These principles have been developed after more than six months of listening and talking to Australians about their ideas and priorities for the sharing economy. They demonstrate that Labor wants to see the local sharing economy flourish within a supportive and flexible regulatory framework.

“Striking a balance between supporting innovation and protecting the Australian community is tricky. In a fast-moving digital context, it will be a challenge to get it right. But Labor believes we owe it to Australians to take this challenge seriously.”

The sharing economy is already bringing huge benefits to Australia and helping helping everyday people monetize their spare rooms and extra space to make best use of their assets and pay their bills. It is increasing consumer choice, and providing an economic lifeline for thousands of regular people across Australia.

We applaud any political party that recognises the potential of this new economy and the need for modern rules that are clear and easy for regular people to follow.

More and more governments are embracing the sharing economy, including the UK, France, Amsterdam, Milan and numerous US cities. We want to be good partners for policy makers across the world, and work together to make their cities better places to live, work and visit.

We look forward to working with everyone to harness the benefits of the sharing economy for all Australians, and to support regular people for whom this additional income is an economic lifeline.

Fast facts

  • Next week alone, about 30,000 Aussies will use the Airbnb platform to book their accommodation somewhere in the world.
  • There are about 50,000 Airbnb listings across Australia. 13,000 of these are in Sydney.
  • A majority of Australian Airbnb hosts live in low to moderate income households.
  • The typical Airbnb host in Australia earns roughly AUD$7,100 per year through Airbnb.