Baseball fans generated 40% increase in Airbnb guest arrivals in Houston

Inbound guest arrivals
Increase over guest arrivals over surrounding weekends
Total estimated economic impact
Average nightly price of booked Airbnb room

Airbnb in Houston, October 27-29, 2017

Baseball fans drove a major spike in Airbnb guest arrivals in Houston over the weekend, generating an estimated $1.9 million in economic activity, including an estimated $1.56 million in visitor spending. There were an estimated 4,200 guest arrivals in the City of Houston from October 27- 29, a 40 percent increase over surrounding weekends, according to Airbnb booking data.

Airbnb visitors tend to stay longer and spend more money in the neighborhoods where they stay compared to visitors who stay in hotels, representing significant economic benefit for local businesses in Houston. Thirty-one percent of the people who travel on Airbnb say they would have stayed home or would not have stayed as long but for Airbnb.

Airbnb is democratizing travel by providing an affordable way for visitors to travel to Houston for big events. The average nightly price of a booked Airbnb room for the weekend was $75, according to Airbnb booking data.

Baseball fans, members of the media and others from around Texas and the country used Airbnb to visit Houston for the games. Top origin cities for guest arrivals include Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, New York City and Los Angeles. Houston was the top origin city for guest arrivals, suggesting Houston residents booked listings to stay near the ballpark or found a place for visiting friends to stay.

Airbnb has a long history of helping cities accommodate guests for big events like music festivals, sporting events, conferences and graduation ceremonies. Earlier this year, Airbnb activity generated more than $6 million in the Houston area on the weekend the city hosted the Super Bowl. There were more than 8,200 guest arrivals in Houston that weekend.

Airbnb is democratizing capitalism by expanding the economic pie for Houston residents, allowing them to use their home – typically their greatest expense – to generate supplemental income to pay for costs like household bills and save for their own vacations. With listings across town, Airbnb gives travelers the chance to experience Austin from a local’s perspective, residents the opportunity to earn extra money, and local businesses access to new customers.


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