Battleground Boon: Housing on the Trail

The 11th-hour arms race in closely contested battles for the presidency and control of the US Senate always draws exacting scrutiny. Every pundit, strategist and volunteer has their own metric and own take on the most telling stats: Which states are seeing more resources, and which are seeing fewer? Where are advertisers going big or going dark? Where are volunteers pouring in or pulling out? And the list goes on.

Airbnb has a new metric for the whiteboards: pre-election guest arrivals at Airbnb listings in battleground counties, including guest arrivals from out of state.

Across the 25 counties identified by Politico as battlegrounds in the race for president, 13 are showing either “peak weekends,” meaning their highest numbers of Airbnb guest arrivals for any weekend since November 9, 2015, or “local peak weekends,” showing a spike in guest arrivals compared to surrounding weekends. In both cases, the spikes in activity are being driven by out-of-state arrivals.

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