BayviewLIVE: Music, tech and arts festival to support access to technology

Airbnb was proud to partner with Imprint.City to sponsor the second annual BayviewLive Festival on Saturday, October 21, 2017. The music, tech and arts festival helps support access to technology in underserved communities.

More than 3,000 people attended the event which featured art installations from Bay Area artists, a tech experience curated by various local organizations, and performances by hip-hop artists Talib Kweli and Nef the Pharaoh.

“There is no festival in San Francisco solely dedicated to urban music and art so we thought, ‘Why not create one in an historically African American neighborhood here?’,” explains festival founder Tyra Fennell. “BayviewLIVE seeks to leverage the power of urban art to attract residents of all ages so they have access to education and opportunities in technology.”

The Bayview has historically faced disparities in access to science, technology, engineering, art, and math education for young people. The festival was developed to expose youth and families to technology opportunities and highlight performing and visual arts. In addition to raising awareness about these important issues, the festival brings visitors and customers for local businesses.

Airbnb was proud to co-host the festival and support its efforts to drive more economic activity to the neighborhood. By welcoming guests to the Bayview, our host community generates customers for local businesses and ensures that the neighborhood benefits from the city’s tourism industry.

When travelers use Airbnb they are more likely to be staying at a location outside of a well-known tourist zone. Up to 50 percent of Airbnb guests’ spending happens in the neighborhoods where they stay, which benefits local merchants, that in many cases do not typically benefit from the tourism economy.

The event is an example of how private sector and community partners can come together to strengthen our neighborhoods and foster creativity and opportunities for San Francisco’s underserved youth.

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