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Airbnb in Belgium: More than €300 million of economic activity

Between August, 1st 2016 and August, 1st 2017, hosts on Airbnb in Belgium welcomed 779,000 guest arrivals. Belgium has more than 14,000 listings on Airbnb and the typical Airbnb host earns an extra income of nearly €2,100 per year.

Across Belgium, hosts earned €63 million last year by sharing their homes with guests. For many Belgians, being able to turn their greatest expense – their home – into a source of additional revenue is good news. Around 80 percent of communities in Belgium has an active listing on Airbnb but no hotel.

Here’s some data about Airbnb in Belgium:

  • €304 million of economic activity
  • 779,000 guest arrivals
  • 15,000 hosts
  • 31 nights hosted per year for a typical listing
  • €2,100 extra income per year for a typical host
  • 41 years old the age of a typical host in Belgium

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Airbnb hosts attract new guests to the country, provide unique experiences and spread benefits beyond tourist hotspots to more families, communities and local businesses. We are pleased to see the positive impacts generated by the Airbnb community in Belgium.

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