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Airbnb hosts in Belgium have been welcoming guests into their homes since 2009. In 2016, Airbnb hosts in Belgium welcomed over 600,000 visitors by sharing their homes for an average of 29 nights. Airbnb helps grow and diversify tourism in Belgium, brings tremendous economic, social and environmental benefits to the local economy and provides guests with authentic and local travel experiences. We want to work with policymakers – in all regions of Belgium – on clear and simple rules for home sharing. By working together, we can help more people experience Belgium like a local and support more families to earn a little extra money to help pay the bills.

12,500 Active hosts

605,000 Guest arrivals in Belgium in 2016

2,100€ Annual earnings for a typical host

Airbnb welcomes European Commission progress towards a truly collaborative economy

Airbnb today welcomed the European Commission’s paper on Collaborative Short-term Accommodation Services as a balanced set of principles and recommendations to support the sustainable growth of home sharing and short-term rentals in Europe – for governments, industry, and the European citizens who benefit from it.

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Airbnb in Belgium: more than €300 million of economic activity

Between August, 1st 2016 and August, 1st 2017, hosts on Airbnb in Belgium welcomed 779,000 guest arrivals. Belgium has more than 14,000 listings on Airbnb and the typical Airbnb host earns an extra income of nearly €2,100 per year.

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Meet the host community in Brussels!

Every host on Airbnb has a reason for opening his home to guests from all over the world. Find out the reasons why Cassandre, Bernadette, Jonathan, Victor and the others are hosts on Airbnb in Brussels.

Read the editorial of Host’In Brussels, the Brussels Home Sharing Club. And download the print version there!

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What you need to know about tourist tax in Brussels

If you are hosting guests in your home, you must collect and remit monthly tax to the tax authorities of the Brussels-Capital Region. You will find answers to some frequently asked questions about this new tax in this blogpost. Find out more information about what you have to do.

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Brussels' hosts launch first Home Sharing Club in Belgium

In Brussels, home sharers met in March to launch the first Home Sharing Club In Belgium, called Hosts in Brussels. The event took place in La Tricoterie, in Saint-Gilles and was attended by more than one hundred hosts. The club is part of an exciting worldwide movement and it’s great to see its commencement in Brussels.

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Walloon region simplifies home sharing rules

Today we are pleased to share good news from the Walloon Region in Belgium, where the government has introduced new rules that make it clear that people in the region are free to share their homes with guests from around the world. The Walloon region has adopted a progressive and proportionate new legal framework. The Code ensures that people can share their homes without any burdensome procedures.

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