Berlin’s Airbnb community generated economic activity of an estimated 438 million euro in 2016

In 2016, Berlin’s Airbnb Community generated economic activity of an estimated 438 million Euro, including guest spending and host income. 49 percent of the economic activity was spent on culture and food. Airbnb hosts keep 97 percent of the rental price they set themselves – money that is returned to the local economy. Airbnb attracts additional guests and brings them to districts in the city which do not benefit from the traditional tourism. 29 percent of guests who traveled to Berlin in 2016 would not have come or would not have stayed as long without Airbnb.

Home Sharing helps regular Berliners to make some extra income with their homes, often their biggest cost factor. A typical Airbnb host made an extra income of 1,500 Euro in 2016 and rented out his or her entire home or private room for 28 days in 2016.

Alexander Schwarz, Country Manager Airbnb: “Airbnb home sharers are ambassadors of the open-minded Berlin and bring additional economic activity to the city. Still, Berlin does not distinguish between home sharers, occasionally renting out their homes, and commercial operators. Airbnb appeals to the Berlin policy makers to introduce clear rules allowing responsible home sharing that does not take away housing from the market. We continue to be open for a dialogue.”

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