Airbnb and the big hotels

Facts about Airbnb and the hospitality industry

Airbnb has long believed that for us to win, no one has to lose. Even as more people share their homes, traditional hotels continue to take in robust or even record profits. Home sharing helps more people travel and that should be good news for everyone.This is the hub for facts about Airbnb and the hospitality industry.

The big hotels were caught again

The big hotels are trying to scare Washingtonians by spreading fake stories about Airbnb in D.C. Don’t be fooled.

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The Hotel Industry Agenda: Punish the middle class

The hotel industry has launched a multi-million dollar campaign against our community to stop people from sharing their own homes so they can increase their profits at the expense of the middle class.

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Airbnb: Fighting hotel price-gouging, saving millions for consumers

Consumers have long been accustomed to paying exorbitant rates for hotel rooms when trying to visit a community for a big event or during a popular weekend or holiday. Airbnb offers consumers a more affordable option and has the potential to serve as the antidote to hotel price-gouging.

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Fiscal flip flops: Big hotels and taxes

For years, lobbyists for the big hotels have raised concerns about Airbnb hosts and guests not paying the same taxes as hotels. We want to collect and remit taxes on behalf of our community and are actively doing so in hundreds of cities around the world. But the big hotels have flip-flopped and are now aggressively fighting our efforts to collect more tax revenue.

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