The big hotels and price gouging

Facts about hotel rates for events and holiday weekends


July 4th: Consumers declare independence from big hotel compression pricing

This July 4th Weekend, countless families across the country are hitting the road, gearing up to celebrate America’s 241st birthday. From cabins in Lake Tahoe to cottages on Cape Cod, many families are seeking an affordable travel experience with an array of amenities they just can’t find at a hotel.

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Memorial Day Weekend and compression pricing

How corporate hotel chains seek to exploit supply and use compression pricing to raise rates for consumers.

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Airbnb: Fighting hotel price-gouging, saving millions for consumers

Consumers have long been accustomed to paying exorbitant rates for hotel rooms when trying to visit a community for a big event or during a popular weekend or holiday. Airbnb offers consumers a more affordable option and has the potential to serve as the antidote to hotel price-gouging.

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