“Bravo Paris and Emmanuel Macron !”

This letter has been written and sent by Brian Chesky, founder and CEO of Airbnb. 

Dear President Macron,

The International Olympic Committee has just awarded Paris the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games in 2024, a century after the last Games in Paris. On behalf of the Airbnb community across the world, I would like to congratulate you and France on this great honor.

By choosing #Madeforsharing as the slogan of the Games, Paris has pledged to showcase the best of your great city to the world, and to help build an Olympic legacy that will benefit local families and their communities for generations to come.

Today, I want to pledge my support and that of the Airbnb community to help make this vision a reality.

Across the world, the Airbnb community has a long history of helping cities accommodate big events. From the Olympic Games in Rio and London, to Euro 2016 in France, Airbnb hosts across the world have welcomed guests into their homes, showcased the best of local hospitality and helped guests discover local communities and customs they might otherwise have missed.

Home sharing can also help ensure the financial benefits of the Games extend to Parisian families and their communities, which are typically beyond hotel districts and tourist hotspots. Local families who share their homes keep up to 97 percent of the accommodation charge and we know around half of spending by guests using Airbnb takes place in the communities where they stay.

Finally, by opening their homes to guests, local families help boost flexible accommodation supply without new infrastructure projects or a single brick being laid.

Paris is the number one city in the world on Airbnb. By working together, we hope the Airbnb community in Paris and across France can help showcase the hospitality of the country, its people and diversity. By bringing the world together in the homes of local families, we can truly make sure the Paris Games are #Madeforsharing.

Please accept, Mr. President, the expression of my highest consideration.

Brian Chesky

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