Bringing the Airbnb community together

Last night, Chris Lehane, Head of Global Policy and Communications enjoyed a dinner with home hosts and experience hosts in Cape Town. The dinner brought together our host community under one shared space and was an opportunity for Lehane to hear from the hosts themselves about what it’s like to be part of the Airbnb community in South Africa.

The evening was hosted by two Experience hosts, award-winning cookbook authors, editors, and writers, Nikki and Brandon, who love to celebrate the pleasures of the table and know “the story behind the story” of food and wine.

The beautiful dinner brought together hosts from all across Cape Town, including hosts from Langa who took part in our weekend of action held on Heritage Day a couple of weeks ago. Over dinner, hosts spoke about the success of the weekend which was a great representation of how — regardless of where you live — we can come together as one community to celebrate our different traditions, cultures and diversity.

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