Brussels’ hosts launch first Home Sharing Club in Belgium

Around the world, hosts and guests on Airbnb are coming together to form local Home Sharing Clubs. These clubs help hosts to build new relationships, discuss issues and advocate for fair home sharing laws in their communities. To date, more than 100 Home Sharing Clubs have been formed worldwide. More clubs are forming every week…

In Brussels, home sharers met in March to launch the first Home Sharing Club In Belgium, called Hosts in Brussels. The event took place in La Tricoterie, in Saint-Gilles and was attended by more than one hundred hosts. 

The evening was led by Benoît and Martine, two of the founding members of the club and keen homesharers. The convened group decided Hosts in Brussels should focus on two goals going forward:

  • Defend the interest of Brussels’ hosts who are facing complex and disproportionate rules by initiating a dialogue with policymakers to ensure they understand the benefits of home sharing for the city and its inhabitants
  • Create a network where Brussels’ host can meet, build relationships and exchange best practices

The evening was a big success and was welcomed by numerous hosts and guests who finally received the opportunity to voice their concerns and exchange with fellow homesharers.

The club is part of an exciting worldwide movement and it’s great to see its commencement in Brussels.

To join or learn more about the Home Sharing Club in Brussels:

[email protected]


Some pictures of the launch

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