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More than 200,000 Airbnb guests visited Brussels last year, and 44 percent of the hosts who welcomed them used that extra income to help make ends meet. Earlier this year, the Brussels region implemented a new ordinance that unfairly restricts home sharing in a number of ways, including through a complex and disproportionate registration process. Our passionate Brussels host community has been highlighting the negative impact of the ordinance and its potential to hurt tourism. We hope regional lawmakers will reconsider home sharing aspects of the ordinance.

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The European Commission wants to know your views on home sharing

The European Commission wants to know your views on home sharing and recently launched a survey, offering home sharers an opportunity to share their views on the development of the tourism industry in Europe.

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Home sharing rules in Brussels: What they’re saying

In April 2016, new complex home sharing rules came into force in Brussels. Local residents who occasionally share their homes are treated like hotels and add required to complete a burdensome registration process designed for big businesses.

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Sign the Petition: Call on Brussels policymakers to pass fair home sharing rules

Home sharing rules in Brussels are complex, confusing and disproportionate. Sign the petition and ask Brussels to introduce clear, simple and proportionate rules for regular people who share their homes.

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