Cape Town drought and responsible hosting

Since recent water restrictions came into force, some Airbnb hosts in Cape Town have made helping their guests save water a priority. Airbnb recently held a meet-up for hosts in the affected area so they could hear from experts and share water-saving tips with each other.

We invited along water-saving management expert, Dr. Samantha Braid, who founded The Watershed Project, an organisation working to educate Bay Area residents about how to help protect local water resources. Dr. Braid offered some tips for hosts looking to take action to save water, which you can download here.

Our hosts in Cape Town have also been leading by example, learning more about how they can play their part in saving water and ensuring their guests are responsible too. Jo, a host who shares her Claremont home, says she makes her water-saving efforts visible to her guests so everyone knows they have a role to play in being responsible:

“All my guests have been really open to saving water. I haven’t had any complaints. They’ve been great. Maybe it’s because they see me lugging buckets out and pouring them over my pot plants constantly. I’m a bit ostentatious about what I’m doing in terms of saving water.”

There are many small things that great hosts do to save water and ensure their guests support their efforts while still enjoying their trip.

For more information on water saving solutions, please head to the City of Cape Town’s website here.

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