Celebrating community and belonging in University Heights

On Saturday night, April 29th, under the beautiful San Diego sky, the University Heights community celebrated 20 years of their historic neighborhood sign with a relighting ceremony and block party. A few members of the San Diego Airbnb host community were lucky enough to take part in the historic event.

City Council Member Chris Ward, State Assembly Member Todd Gloria and County Supervisor Ron Roberts came together to celebrate the relighting and addressed a crowd of 150 residents and visitors. After the speaking ceremony, neighbors were treated to live music and cuisine from Eritrea, Thailand, and Italy, provided by local restaurant owners.

Carol Neidenberg, the President of the Community Association of University Heights, thanked Airbnb and the local host community for their support and encouragement of neighborhood events like the sign celebration saying, “It’s great that Airbnb supports local communities, businesses, and residents.”

One of the local businesses taking part in the event was Twiggs Bakery, owned by long-time University Heights resident Bernie Horan. The Twiggs staff created a beautiful cake to celebrate the sign’s birthday and it was truly a fitting touch for such a momentous occasion. “We are so glad everything turned out the way it did,” said Bernie at the close of the evening, “these are the kinds of events we need to have more often, where we celebrate our neighborhood while welcoming travelers. Every business owner I spoke with was thrilled with the event, and a couple visiting from East LA said they want to order their wedding cake from us!”

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