Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Airbnb’s culture is built around our mission of creating a world where everyone can belong. Our platform is powered by our diverse, global community, who share their homes and their lives with travelers across the globe. The exchange between hosts and guests, as well as connections with local businesses, cultivates trust, understanding, and expands people’s worldview.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Airbnb is proud to celebrate our Latinx community by sharing inspiring stories of hospitality and belonging.

Meet Pedro Rodriguez and Julio Robledo, small business owners in Washington, DC

When Pedro Rodriguez and Julio Robledo met, they discovered a shared passion for food and wine from their respective Caribbean and Andean cultures. Pedro, who hails from Puerto Rico and Julio, of Chilean descent, founded the concept of GranDCata in 2011. Today, their wine shop is the premier Latin American wine and spirits company in Washington DC. Many Airbnb hosts recommend their shop to guests, driving foot traffic to GranDCata.

“What we are trying to do is bring honest wine and bring the memories from people who have traveled and lived in South America.”

Meet the Lopez Sisters — bikers, coders, and Airbnb hosts in Los Angeles

Penelope and her twin sister America began hosting on Airbnb to help out their parents, who emigrated to America when the sisters were young. The extra income from Airbnb helped their family keep their home after the housing bubble burst, and now they use it to get their company, CyberCodeTwins, off the ground. CyberCodeTwins seeks to give back by “making communities safer through wearable tech and mobile apps.”

“The money we earn from Airbnb helps us pay for school to pursue our passion.”

Meet Inri Aguilar, owner of Blu Elefant Cafe in Los Angeles

Inri has owned Blu Elefant Cafe for the last four years. As a resident of the neighborhood, Inri saw firsthand the lack of healthy food options in the community and decided to do something about it by opening a local cafe. Although Inri says her neighborhood is “on the edge of heaven,” accessible to downtown Los Angeles, there are no hotels. The only tourists Inri encounters are from the Airbnb platform and often return during their next stay, leaving great reviews of the cafe. Like Airbnb, Inri feels her business supports the local community and provides a space for people to like they’re “home.”

“Airbnb is good for my business, and it’s good for LA.”

Together, our Latinx community does more than just partake in our platform; they enhance our communities and enrich our nation’s colorful cultural fabric. And so this Hispanic Heritage Month, we salute all our Latinx hosts, business owners, and guests. Thank you for helping make Airbnb what we are today.

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