Chicago seniors earned $3.6 million through Airbnb

Airbnb recently released its first annual Chicago Seniors report, indicating Chicagoans ages 60+ are earning millions in supplemental income and providing authentic neighborhood experiences to guests from throughout the world.

In 2017, Chicago seniors sharing their homes on the Airbnb platform welcomed 21,000 guests. In the process, they earned $3.6 million in supplemental income.

The report found that seniors lead the way in a wide variety of categories, including hospitality ratings, typical earnings, rate of hosting, and overall growth.

The full data can be found below in full:

Chicago seniors are the best-rated hosts

  • Senior hosts get 5-star reviews at an 87% rate
  • That’s higher than any other age demographic

Chicago seniors earn the most income

  • The typical senior host earns $9,400 annually in supplemental income through Airbnb
  • That’s nearly $1,000 more than the typical host earnings of any other age demographic in Chicago

Chicago seniors host most often

  • The typical senior host shares his/her home for 82 days per year
  • That slightly nearly doubles the hosting rate of those under the age of 40

Chicago seniors are the fastest growing host demographic

  • The number of Chicago seniors hosting on Airbnb grew 12% in 2017
  • That far outpaces the growth rate of any other age demographic

“Airbnb is a platform that can help Chicago’s senior community earn income to supplement their retirements or fixed incomes,” said Will Burns, Airbnb’s Chicago policy director. “Our goal for 2018 will be to further communicate the value of home sharing to senior communities, particularly in the South Side and West Side.”

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