The Airbnb community at New York City Hall

Last Friday was truly amazing. We’re still overwhelmed by how many members of our community joined together at City Hall to speak out against the extreme home sharing legislation before the City Council.

The stories told by hosts from across the city were powerful and inspiring, highlighting just how unique this community is and how we are part of the fabric of New York City. Altogether community members sent more than 4,900 emails to members of the City Council, submitted 300 personal testimonials and more than 6,200 people signed their name in support of clear, fair home sharing laws


We’re so proud of our community for standing together at City Hall against this piece of legislation. But if we’re going to enact common sense home sharing policies — that protect New Yorkers NOT punish them — we need to continue to make our voices heard on this issue.

Thank you so much again for supporting New Yorkers who rely on Airbnb, we couldn’t do this without community members like you.

With gratitude for all that you do,

— The Airbnb Team