City Council, You’re Invited!

Before the New York City Council considers a bill that would unfairly punish New Yorkers sharing their homes to make ends meet, our community of hosts would like to give them the opportunity to learn about the real Airbnb community.

See NYC Airbnb hosts’ letter to the Council below:

Dear City Council Member,

We all call New York City home, and we think it’s the best place in the world to live. We also know that making ends meet can be tough here, but we’re willing to be creative and resourceful to find ways to stay in the homes and communities that we love. Being a host on Airbnb has allowed us to continue living in and contributing to our communities. By welcoming visitors into our homes, we get the benefit of making supplemental income that helps us stay afloat and we get to show eager guests all of the wonderful spots in our neighborhoods. It helps us, it helps the community, and it helps New York City.

And this isn’t just about us. We know that Airbnb is an economic life preserver for thousands of families in New York and we’re proud to be speaking up for them.

As hosts, we all have our own individual reasons for why we share our homes and open our doors to visitors from across the country and world. We would like to invite you to come over and experience our hospitality firsthand. You’ll see quite quickly that we’re the furthest thing from an illegal hotel, and you’ll understand how imposing a $50,000 fine on people like us would be catastrophic for so many New Yorkers.

So please come over! See what it’s like to be a guest in our homes. You’ll meet our families, and we’ll take you to some of our favorite local spots. And you’ll see the true faces of the Airbnb community here in New York City.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Linda L., Linda M., Lisa H., Elle L., Eddie A.