Our commitment to solutions that work in Paris

In 2014, France introduced clear and fair home sharing rules and today, more than a quarter of Parisians use Airbnb to share their homes or explore the world.

Home sharing brings great benefits to Paris. It helps grow and diversify tourism, and spreads guests and benefits beyond hotel districts to Parisian families and their communities. The typical host earns €2,100 by renting their space for 33 nights a year, and in 2016 alone, the Airbnb community generated more than €1.6 billion of economic activity in Paris.

Parisians agree that home sharing is good for their city. Almost 90 percent of Parisians think that as the city becomes more expensive, Airbnb helps regular French people make a little extra income from hosting guests.

New solutions to local challenges

While home sharing on Airbnb brings benefits to Paris, we also know that every city has challenges, and in recent months we have heard from policymakers about concerns regarding housing availability in Paris. We want to be good partners to cities and work with them on solutions to the challenges they face.

In Paris, residents are allowed to share their primary residences 120 days yearly. Last year, we shared a plan with Paris City Hall where Airbnb would introduce new automated limits to help ensure entire homes listed on Airbnb are not shared more than 120 nights a year, unless hosts have the required permission to share their space more.

We believe this proposal is good news for Paris and would help build a better city for everyone. Here’s why:

  • New automated limits would help ensure Parisians share their homes responsibly and home sharing grows sustainably.
  • New automated limits would effectively target bad actors, without impacting the vast majority of local hosts who share their homes responsibly.
  • New automated limits would be introduced by Airbnb at zero cost to taxpayers.
  • New automated limits would help ensure it remains simple for regular people to share their homes – without the burden of additional red tape.

An alternative to registration

But we also know some policymakers are preparing to implement a system that would force regular people who occasionally share their homes to register with City Hall.

It is unclear how a registration system would help families share their homes responsibly or address challenges facing Paris. The system would also come at great cost to local taxpayers and boost unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy for everyone – including local families and City Hall.

We want to be good partners to Paris and firmly believe the solution we shared with City Hall will help make Paris stronger for everyone. It follows the introduction of similar initiatives in London and Amsterdam.  

Home sharing brings benefits to countless Parisians, and we want to work with Paris to make it easier – not harder – for local families to share their homes responsibly. We are committed to solutions that work for Paris and would welcome the opportunity to work with Paris to promote responsible and sustainable home sharing.

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