Community Close Up Get to know the hosts and neighborhoods across New York that are benefiting from home sharing

New Yorkers — from Buffalo to The Bronx, and from Plattsburgh to Patchogue — have embraced home sharing.

Over the past year, 50,000 New Yorkers welcomed 2.1 million travelers to the Empire State, with an additional 2.5 million New Yorkers using Airbnb to travel at home and abroad.

Home sharing is not only providing hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental income for middle-class New York families, it is also resulting in a major boost for local businesses in all neighborhoods. In 2016, Airbnb travelers generated $3.5 billion in economic activity, with nearly $3 billion of that going directly to businesses in our communities. In recent years, a greater share of those dollars have flowed to cities and towns outside of New York City. In fact, guest arrivals in New York outside NYC grew 270% in the last two years alone.

In an effort to highlight the hosts and neighborhoods across the Empire State that make up this vibrant community, we are excited to launch our new ‘Community Close Up’ series.


Community Close Up: St. George County

Although she was born just a few miles away in Manhattan, Susannah Abbate had never considered settling in Staten Island. But when her husband suggested buying a home in his native borough, Susannah found her new neighborhood–St. George– to be a perfect fit.


Meet Susannah

40 Active Airbnb Hosts in St. George

3800 Guest Arrivals in St. George in 2016

36% Guest Arrival Growth in 2016

Community Close Up: Ulster County

Growing up in Ulster County, Sue spent her youth playing outdoors and working as a lifeguard on Lake Minnewaska. After owning a successful commercial bakery in Manhattan for 30 years, Sue decided to make her way back up the Hudson embraced hosting those looking to enjoy the area’s natural beauty. Through sharing the extra space in her home on Airbnb, Sue uses her entrepreneurial spirit to offer guests a scenic experience as rich as the desserts she served up for three decades.

Meet Sue

13,000 Active Airbnb Hosts in Ulster County

50% Guest Arrival Growth in 2016

$9,000 Median Host Revenue in 2016

Community Close Up: Sunset Park

It would be hard to imagine someone who embodies the quintessential New Yorker more than Skip. Both of Skip’s parents were born to Polish immigrants and raised in Brooklyn, where they eventually settled on a picturesque block of Sunset Park.

Skip has since taken over the family home, and decided to open up his spare rooms through Airbnb as a way to help offset the rising cost of living.

Meet Skip

283 Active Airbnb Hosts in Sunset Park

36% Guest Arrival Growth in 2016

$4,200 Median Host Revenue in 2016

Community Close Up: Monroe County

Monroe County now home to 740,00 New Yorkers, and the state’s third largest city, Rochester. From its roots in agriculture and shipping, Rochester has evolved into a hotspot of manufacturing and innovation.

Laura and Mike decided to try Airbnb as guests in Europe, and then started hosting sharing their son’s bedroom once he left for college. They dedicate supplemental income earned through home sharing to pay for renovations of their historic home in Rochester’s Mt. Hope/Highland District.

Meet Laura and Mike

264 Active Airbnb Hosts in Monroe County

104% Guest Arrival Growth in 2016

$4,400 Median Host Revenue in 2016

Community Close Up: City Island

City Island was annexed by New York City from Westchester County in 1895. Today, this Bronx neighborhood is a hidden gem for travelers and locals alike to enjoy.  

Josue, a Iraq War veteran, has called City Island home for three years and enjoys sharing his neighborhood and city with guests from around the world.

Meet Josue

13 Active Airbnb Hosts on City Island

68% Guest Arrival Growth in 2016

$6,900 Median Host Revenue in 2016