Community Tourism Programme Timeline & Criteria

Airbnb is proud to be launching the Community Tourism Programme with up to €5 million in funding for investments in innovative, community-based tourism projects across Europe through 2020. We hope this initial infusion will catalyse support from other partners interested in joining us in advancing a better tourism for Europe.

The first window to submit Letters of Interest to the Programme has closed. We will be inviting full applications from selected organisations beginning September 29, 2017. The next window to submit Letters of Interest will open in 2018. Please check this website later this year for dates.

Timeline for first round of programme funding:

Deadline Action
15 June, 2017 Airbnb opens the Community Tourism Programme selection process, soliciting Letters of Interest from organisations across Europe.
4 August, 2017 First round of Letters of Interest due by 5PM GMT.
29 September, 2017 Airbnb will invite selected projects to submit full Applications.
10 November, 2017 Applications due by 5PM GMT.
February 2018 Airbnb announces successful Applicants who will receive funding for their Projects.


To be eligible:

  • Projects must be located in the member states of The Council of Europe.
  • Letters of Interest and Applications are open to organisations (e.g., non-profit agencies; charities; public-backed initiatives; research organisations or academic institutions; start-up accelerators; or community social groups).
  • Applicants must complete all planning, licensing and registration, and other requirements appropriately in order to ensure that their Projects can proceed according to local and national regulations that may apply.

Selection criteria:

Airbnb is all about creativity and we want to be surprised by the Letters of Interest and Applications we receive. We welcome any ideas that harness tourism in innovative ways to strengthen communities in both mature and emerging destinations. Projects should be locally and community driven and tap into Airbnb’s people-to-people model to drive more sustainable tourism. In addition, Applicants will need to demonstrate:

  • Organisational capacity and project viability
    • Eligible entity
    • Experienced and capable team with a demonstrated track record in their area of relevant expertise
    • Viable implementation plan and project management capacity
    • Matching funds and capacity to leverage other sources of support
    • Commitment to evaluating outcomes and contributing to broader research on building more inclusive tourism models for communities across Europe
    • Strong marketing and audience engagement strategy
    • Completed due diligence on tax registration, charity registration, details on senior officers, and controls on who has powers over the relevant financial accounts
  • Community need and impact
    • Speak to the challenge of building stronger communities through tourism
    • Demonstrate a compelling opportunity and need
    • Demonstrate a specific plan of action on how to achieve an outcome that will positively support a community
    • Demonstrate achievable impact within 12 months

For questions about the Programme, email [email protected] or visit our FAQ

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