Connecting hosts and small businesses on Upper Divisadero

Across the world, Airbnb hosts share their homes, neighborhoods, and cities with their guests. In San Francisco, most hosts live outside the major hotel area and are able to introduce their guests to the neighborhood gems that make the City unique.

Airbnb Merchant Walks, in collaboration with our partners at the San Francisco Council District of Merchant Associations (SFCDMA), connect hosts and small business leaders to celebrate and get to know local merchants so they can recommend their favorites to future guests. At the latest Airbnb Merchant Walk in San Francisco, more than 50 Airbnb hosts explored shops along Upper Divisadero, looking for new places to recommend to their visiting guests. Perched between the Presidio National Park, Fillmore Street shops, and the Nopa neighborhood, this energetic and emerging corridor attracts locals at every point in their day. Whether for coffee and pastries, yoga and massage, or drinks after work, visitors are met with high quality and inviting shops and restaurants. Learn more about seven of the neighborhood’s hot spots below!

Scopo Divino

Scopo Divino provides an upscale, yet comfortable wine bar bistro experience with a curated international wine list and full menu. Live music, tastings, and winemaker dinners are all part of the ambiance at this local gem.

“Our mission is to help our guests find an emotional connection with wine,” explains owner Tim Hayman. “Wine enhances or changes your mood, if we do our job right we pair the wine with our guests and help them have the best possible experience here.”

Check out Scopo Divino’s music and event schedules to learn more.

“This neighborhood has the most gracious people I’ve met in San Francisco, and I’m from this city so that is saying a lot.” — Tim Hayman, Scopo Divino

Atelier Yarns

One of two family-owned yarn shops in the Bay Area, Atelier Yarns specializes in natural fibers and hand-dyed yarns. Grace Cooper and her niece, Amanda, have been in business for 26 years and provide friendly knowledge about every type of yarn imaginable as well as hosting group and private classes, to help visitors make their projects a beautiful reality.

b. Patisserie

This French-inspired bakery has caused a stir in the neighborhood. b.Patisserie attracts customers from around the Bay Area with their buzzworthy pastries. Chefs Belinda Leong and Michel Suas boast long and celebrated culinary careers, which now includes their passion project: a modern, open pastry kitchen. Visit their California Street shop or stop by their sister restaurant, B. on the Go just down the block, for a fuller lunch.

Cumaica Coffee

Coffee is a family trade spanning generations for these coffee shop owners. Today, the family-owned and operated coffee shop, Cumaica, still sources their coffee beans from the same place in Nicaragua. Wander in for your morning coffee, breakfast bites, and more.

The Mindful Body

The Mindful Body is a locally-owned, community-oriented studio offering high-quality, therapeutic massage and intelligent yoga in small class sizes. Open since 1994, the Mindful Body was recently named a San Francisco Legacy Business for their iconic identity and place in the neighborhood.

Maile Sivert, owner of the Mindful Body, recognizes the value of the neighborhoods diverse businesses, “The current offerings in our block are diverse, which really represents the cultural fabric of our city. We have every type of food, fitness and wellness business on our block. We all know and support each other and stop on the street to check in. It’s a true community.” For the future, Maile hopes the corridor “continues to offer this variety, be a place that people come to from all over the city.”

“We all know and support each other and stop on the street to check in. It’s a true community. In the future, I hope it continues to offer this variety, be a place that people come to from all over the city, and stays primarily small businesses, which can really maintain that local flavor we all love about this city.” — Maile Sivert, Owner, Mindful Body


Teahut is the neighborhood’s newest addition serving hot and cold teas, coffees, boba, and juices. Using fresh fruit ingredients help them live their mission: drink healthier!

Wild Hare

This friendly neighborhood bar was the perfect place for our afterparty. Hearty hamburgers, tasty flatbread, happy hour pricing, and amazing hospitality allowed attendees to settle in and enjoy an evening out. Wild Hare’s lively music and game room kept folks entertained for the rest of the evening.

“We have goals to … tackle projects including parking, streetscape beautification and overall curb appeal. Some of our large term goals include having street fairs and farmers markets. We want Upper Divis to be a destination neighborhood,” notes Tim Hayman, owner of Scopo Divino and leader of the up-and-coming Merchant Association. “There are so many great things here: restaurants, bars, live music, great drink spots, cafes, a hardware store, a flower shop, many exercise studios, a bazillion salons, you name it.” On top of all that, “the people are both nice and polite, something rarely found these days.”

Nearly half of Airbnb guests’ spending occurs in the neighborhoods where they stay. San Francisco is a major city built of small Main Streets. In the areas of town where many hotel options are not available, alternative accommodations like Airbnb shows guests that small businesses offer visitors to the City everything they would need throughout their day right at their listing’s doorstep — or just a block away.

“Neighborhoods are the gems of SF. Upper Divis is a great place to explore unique, locally-owned businesses. Get out of your neighborhood and be a tourist in your own town!”— Vas Kiniris, Executive Director of SFCDMA


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