Cultural Tourism

Airbnb is a community that places cultural tourism at the heart of who we are and what we do. And that’s good news because The World Tourism Organisation believes that cultural tourism accounts for 37 per cent of global tourism, and that it will continue to grow 15 per cent each year.

Here at Airbnb, we believe that cultural tourism is about Living Like a Local and off the beaten track experiences that make a place unique.

But we want to take things a step further. We believe we have a responsibility to promote and preserve cultural tourism and that’s why we’ve created the Cultural Tourism Programme.

The UK Cultural Tourism Programme
The Cultural Tourism Programme is a dynamic game-changer that helps individuals, communities and cities to celebrate their rich cultural offerings and promote and preserve the kind of tourism we want to see.

We believe that when done right, cultural tourism supports:

  • Economic growth
  • Community integration
  • Promotion of authentic tourism
  • Dispersal of tourism

Our cultural tourism programme is comprised of two key elements:

  1. Cultural Tourism Action
  2. Cultural Tourism Research
  3. News and Updates

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