Danny Glover visits the Brisbane Home Sharing Club

Danny Glover is known as a Hollywood actor, but he is also a director, producer, political activist and global adviser to Airbnb.  During his recent trip to Australia, he caught up with hosts from the Brisbane Home Sharing Club to talk about the importance of community and speaking up to influence change.

Club leader Aroha, who hosted the event with her co-host Karen, said “The evening was an incredibly special experience. The opportunity to meet Danny, who is a prolific activist and an advocate for the Airbnb community around the world, was an experience we’ll never forget. We really appreciated him traveling to meet us given his busy schedule.”

During the evening, Danny engaged with hosts and shared his stories and passion for the home sharing movement. Danny Glover works on behalf of Airbnb specifically to help engage communities of colour and help them benefit from the economic opportunities the platform provides.

Hosts Rod and Donna enjoy a conversation with Danny.


Danny speaks to the group about the economic and social benefits of home sharing on Airbnb.





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